At 3D Innovators, we believe that when you are getting creative at printing the future, it is the quality of your filament that makes all the difference! 

As innovators ourselves, we have all been there with clogged printers, inconsistent colors, and brittle filament. That is why our founder, Braydon, decided he wanted to make things just a bit differently. At that moment, 3D Innovators LLC was born, and it’s delivering what every 3D printer longs for, a quality filament for an excellent print. 

From our base here in Mercer County, Ohio, to you and your 3D printer, we make sure that your filament is ready for any print you are making in the future. 

Our Promise 

We use our own filament to print the future and would never settle or sell anything less than the best. We ensure the 3D filament you get has smooth print, consistent coloring, dimensional accuracy, and is bubble and tangle-free. So you get busy printing, and we will stay busy making 3D filament that is the perfect quality for you and your printer!