USA Filament Manufacturer

We are a USA Based 3D Printing Filament Manufacturer Located in Mercer County, Ohio.

We stand by our quality in our filament and amazing customer service.

The Highest Quality 3D Filament

Consistent Coloring

Using a precision scale, keeping color ratio the same down to the 0.000lb and a 3X longer mixing time during manufacturing assures the same consistent coloring.

Smooth Printing & No Clogging

We use an advanced higher grade plastic, producing a High Strength, Non-Brittle, and Non-Warping Filament which stops clogging and creates smooth printing

No Bubble

Plastic Pellets go through our complete drying system before manufacturing to keep a moisture free filament then vacuumed with a double seal making sure to keep a moisture free filament

Neatly Wrapped & Tangle Free

Using our advanced automatic neat winding system, we provide a neatly wrapped tangle free filament spool to stop failed prints unlike other manufactures

Dimensional Accuracy

Utilizing our automated advanced laser measuring system during manufacturing assures an accurate diameter of ±0.02 in our filaments