3D Innovators frequently asked questions

Q. What is the recommended temperature range for the PLA filament you offer?

A. The optimal temperature range for printing our PLA filament can vary based on several factors, including printer model, hotend calibration, print speed, and fan cooling. We recommend a minimum temperature of 190c and a maximum temperature of 230c. Higher temperatures will result in a more polished finish and enhanced layer bonding. In general, faster print speeds may require higher temperatures to ensure quality results. If your printer is equipped with a heated print bed, we suggest maintaining a temperature range of 55-65c when printing with our PLA filament.

Q. Does your filament production involve the use of recycled or scrap plastic materials?

A. We use high grade, high quality non-recycled (virgin) plastic, however for our mystery rolls we do use recycled plastic and will always display that in the product title/header.

Q. Where is 3D INNVOVATORS located and are we able to pickup our orders?

A. We are located in Mercer County Ohio and yes you may pickup your orders.

Q. What is the diameter specification of your filament product?

A. Our objective is to meticulously craft our filaments with a diameter that is 1.75mm with a tolerance of ±0.02mm . By adhering to these precise specifications, we aim to achieve unparalleled compatibility with virtually all printers currently in circulation.