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  • Mystery Color PLA Filament – 1.75 mm


    About This Item

    Mystery Roll Made from left over filament that was not consistent coloring. This could be any color or multiple colors in 1 roll

    • Filament Specs: Our high-quality strong PLA filament is proudly USA Made, compatible with most 3d printers, has a weight of 1KG (approximately 2.2lb) in PLA material, and has a diameter of 1.75mm ±0.02mm. Nozzle Temp: 190°C – 230°C. Bed Temp: None Needed 50°C – 70°C if applicable
    • Odorless & No Bubble: Developed using Natural PLA, this filament delivers the best printing quality with no odor along with no stringing, bubble-free, and moisture free from our complete drying system before vacuum packaging
    • Neatly Wrapped & Tangle Free: Using our advanced automatic neat winding system, we provide a neatly wrapped tangle free filament spool to stop failed prints unlike other manufactures
    • Dimensional Accuracy & Consistency of Color: Utilizing our automated advanced laser measuring system and 3X longer mixing times during manufacturing assures an accurate diameter of 1.75mm ±0.02 in our filaments while keeping a consistent coloring
    • Smooth Printing & No Clogging: We use an advanced higher grade PLA plastic, producing a High Strength, Non-Brittle, and Non-Warping PLA Filament which stops clogging and creates smooth printing